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About our Chef

Zen Chef, Buddhist, insight mediation, yoga, vegan, vegetarian, truth conciseness, plant based, free

Chef Roxanne began her unique brand of cooking for large, week-long retreats in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the joyful, meditative, soothing effects that nourishing others offers.  She has since formed long-lasting relationships with many retreat centers throughout the country.  

Stillwater offers complete food service management, from menu planning, sourcing, procurement, and staffing.  Each retreat menus are customized to group requirements, offering a unique experience with the intention of making great wholesome food  infused with enthusiasm, happiness, joy, and gratitude.  

Our menus are crafted with an emphasis on the group's special dietary need and stem from the notion that food heals.  Our allergen-free menu are perfect for those who eat vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, and egg free, seafood, meat and poultry free. 


Zen, Buddhist, Spiritual, Christian, Hindu, Self Relationship, Insight Meditation, Yoga, Spirit Rock

Complete retreat kitchen food service management, coordinated with retreat manager

Custom menus centering around your retreat’s intention and budget

Sourcing and procurement


Training retreatants, guests and/or volunteers basic kitchen skills

Preparing local, organic, sustainable, farm to table cuisine

Specializing in vegan, vegetarian, allergen free and special dietary restricted foods

Organic, sustainable locally sourced cruelty free meats, poultry and seafood. 

Cooking classes and workshops to add to your retreat

Prepared with gratitude, joy, love in a quiet peaceful kitchen 


Cycling Camp Gluten free, Dairy free, organic, delicious, fuel, dietary restrictions, group, vrbo,

Kourtney C.

Cinch Cycling 

Roxanne and her team were a dream to work with it. I host lots of road cycling retreats all over the world and I can say with assuredness she is one of the best I've ever encountered. Her prices were slightly higher than some of the others but I knew after our first call and the menu she gave me that she was 100% worth it. She was able to adjust for an array of dietary restrictions. We have a unique situation where our food needs to be gluten free and dairy free but also fuel for a week of grueling training. She was able to marry the worlds of healthy and tasty beautifully. Her food tastiest fresh and was of top quality. Everyone was raving about the food all week! If you are considering using her don't hesitate! 

Jan B.

Pacific Zen  Institute

We are Pacific zen organization and lead large group, 5o plus people, retreats 3 times a year. We hired Roxanne as our head chef a few years ago. She can cook anything for vegetarians and vegans. Each retreat she creates the menu, 3 meals a day for the week. She does the shopping, manages the budget in an organized fashion while coordinating with our staff. 

 The meals have great variety, savory and are delicious. She is an excellent collaborator, willing to please and works long days. I look forward to seeing her in October for our Golden Wind retreat at Angela Center. Jan B .PZI Sesshin Coordinator

Lobsang Gyelse

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

 Roxanne is a very knowledgeable chef of many different cuisines, a delightful person and fun to work with.

Corporate Retreat

team building, camp, workshop, off sight, corporate, event planning, vacation rental, airbnb, villa

We offer complete food service management with  a variety of meal plans to meet your budget, cooking classes and workshops. Whether you have rented a house, cabins or villa with a kitchen or setting up a camp in the woods, pitching tents, with no kitchen, no problem, we can manage it.  



Spend more time with the family by choosing a Stillwater Catering’s private chef . When planning and organizing your family reunion, the last thing you want to worry about is spending time shopping for ingredients, cooking and cleaning, that is where we came in, Sit back, relax, and let Stillwater Chefs and professional catering team create a family reunion event you'll always remember.

Groups, Camps, Fun Gatherings

yoga, zen, meditation, mindfulness, fun, relax, breathing, camp, workshops, family, friends

We offer complete food service management with a variety of meal plans to meet your budget, cooking classes and workshops.