Tucson, Arizona

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Welcome to Stillwater Catering


Our philosophy is simple: Good food makes you feel good.

Stillwater Catering specialized in creating extraordinary dishes that nourish the whole body. We feel strongly that knowing where your food comes from is an invaluable part of promoting wellness, not only with your own health but inside your community as well. We value and support the efforts of local food co-ops, family-owned businesses, and small organic farms.  We cater events throughout the area and work with you to create mouthwatering seasonally based menus that cater to every palate. 

Because every celebration has a flavor, and yours should be delicious.

Stillwater Catering provides memorable dishes made from the freshest ingredients available.  As check for several retreat centers across the United States, Owner Roxanne Sweeney combines her strong knowledge of healthy food with a passion for creating flavorful eclectic meals.  

She believes in the integrity of a meal made well, and understands that extraordinary experiences begin with the simplest fresh ingredients, prepared with love, joy, gratitude and mindfulness.

We believe in the vital connection between healthy living, pure unprocessed food and know how to craft exquisite flavors for every palate. Whatever your choice of menu Stillwater Catering will provide a personal crafted menu that delights you and your guests.  

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide lasting memories.