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I’m Roxanne, the Owner and Chef of Stillwater Catering and lover of a good party.  I learned early on in life that a delicious meal can elevate any event, no matter how simple or grand.  A burst of unexpected flavors can shape the mood of a party by sparking an appetite for adventure, comfort or joy.

I grew up in Juneau Alaska, where I learned to forage, fish, and utilize what the land provided.  I watched my mother, grandmother, and aunts work magic in the kitchen and was drawn to the craft of creating delectable food.  Berries, wild greens, seaweed, seafood, game and fowl became integral to my kitchen experiments.

Never wanting to plant my feet for long, I left Alaska for Southern California to begin a career in the field of travel and tourism.  My experience packaging wholesale tour operations gave me an international opportunity to discover new cuisines and learn from local culinary experts.  I followed that as a special events coordinator for The Walt Disney Company where I honed my skill in throwing the ultimate Hollywood parties.   

But alas, it was time to turn my passion into a profession, so I went to a culinary institute and opened Stillwater Catering in 2011.  Years of studying natural foods, local resources and popular food trends helped me to cultivate a powerful food philosophy: Positively-Free Food.   Free of allergens, gluten, animal by-products, artificial flavoring and coloring, minimally processed ingredients.  My expertise continues to evolve as I provide chef services to retreats where the client base requires strict protocols for those with high sensitivities.  

I feel strongly that knowing where your food comes from is an invaluable part of promoting wellness, not only with your own health, but inside your community as well.  I value the efforts of local food co-ops, family-owned groceries, and small organic farms.  And I have witnessed how altering your diet can dramatically improve your health and well-being and I know that you never have to compromise flavor when eating well!

I also cook meat dishes in a range of international styles, including French, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian and, of course, good old fashioned American.  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore, I’m happy to help you create a memorable event full of rich, fresh flavor. 

How can I help you make your event exceed expectations?


Old World Service

I am a thoughtful collaborator, so tell me your vision and I'll craft a menu that suits your palate.  When we get that done, I'll offer a quote and establish a service contract to put your mind at ease.  Then I will deliver a sumptuous culinary experience that will delight you and your guests..


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HIRE THIS WOMAN!! You won't be sorry! I needed a caterer who could present a Gluten-free, Mediterranean buffet for my annual Women's Celebration. WOW!! Roxanne met me at my home to discuss the menu and to see the area available to her so she could plan accordingly. On August 20th, she arrived ready to work, with everything she needed to set up the most beautiful, delicious buffet my friends had ever seen. Oh, the food was marvelous!! She and her assistant even took the time to come out with small platters, and offer my guests appetizers right where they sat! It made everyone feel like a queen. I will be hiring her again for next year's event!! FABULOUS!!
​​Josephine M.

The best of the best....you will not be disappointed!

Mike L.

We highly recommend Stillwater Catering. Roxanne prepared high-end lunches and dinners for 12 adults and 7 kids over 2 days. The food was great, and this was for an audience that has high expectations when it comes to food. Roxanne was friendly, cleaned up, and was flexible and creative (for example, switching one of the meals to a boxed lunch so the adults could take them to a winery). Truly top notch all around. Can't recommend more highly.
Matt S

Roxanne is an amazing chef with a highly developed palate and a love for everything "wine country". I find her approach to California cuisine works perfectly when you just let her "create". I have NEVER been disappointed and I LOVE her desserts too. From savory to sweet everything she makes is a treat to eat!
Haley R.

Roxanne was great. She is flexible and a great chef. People at our event were raving about the food. We had many compliments and she was able to accommodate many different specific diets. We had an event for 77 people and it came of perfectly.
LeAnn J.

We hired Roxanne to cater our family dinner following our son's college graduation. We had rented a home for the weekend and Roxanne prepared a special dinner for us which allowed us to relax and enjoy our family time together without having to worry ourselves about the food. She planned the menu, shopped for the food, prepared the meal, served and cleaned up before she and her assistant departed. They were very professional and the food was delicious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or hire her again. Thanks Roxanne for helping to make our celebration a success.
Debbie M.

​The nicest thing about having Chef Roxanne cater for you is that she is an amazing manager. She makes it all appear seamless and you can focus on the event at hand while she handles the details of providing delicious food. She is not only charming and good-natured, she is a fantastic chef. She arrives prepared and executes well. I would absolutely recommend her!
Tami B.

Chef Roxanne is truly a talented chef, she created the most beautiful, delicious menu & we were able to please a wide variety of guests with unique dietary needs!  She created vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options that were truly delicious! Thank you for a memorable event from start to finish! 
Judi G.

Stillwater Catering offers a variety of outstanding services, which range from flower arrangements to a glorious feast filled with organic ingredients and exotic flavors. The Chef Roxanne does not hold back from creating cuisine with an innovative flair. I’m delighted to say that my whole experience with Stillwater Catering was inspiring, and would definitely recommend her services.
Sonya R.

Roxanne Sweeney of Stillwater Catering provided my family of 4 children and 6 adults with a wonderful dinner experience at our Airbnb in Sebastopol. Planning was easy with her. She blended her ideas and mine, creating a wonderful at-home meal with no hassle for any of us. Children and adults enjoyed the lovely family style dinner of snacks, salad, dinner with two main dishes and yummy dessert. Thank you Roxanne.
Dayle J


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